5 Tips For Better Car Photography

5 Tips For Better Car Photography
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”_BigUlReGw8″ title=”5 Tips For Better Car Photography” upload_time=”2012-10-15T23:33:53.000Z” description=”I know – I messed up the focus on the video. Apologies. Five quick tips on how to improve your results when photographing cars. Written version available on” duration=”PT5M44S”]
I know – I messed up the focus on the video. Apologies.

Five quick tips on how to improve your results when photographing cars.
Written version available on our blog –
Oliver Pohlmann from We Are SO Photo.

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27 comments to 5 Tips For Better Car Photography

  • Team Shmo

    Good tips. I think the main thing is to take the picture from an angle
    where no one looks at the car at normally. That is why lower shots or above
    shots look more interesting. The editing afterwards also plays a huge

  • Johny Kelleher

    Today I shall be practicing again…unfortunately the sunlight is extreme.
    Any tips for taking in bright midday sunlight? I have a basic Canon 450d :(

  • TinyTom

    great tips i first watched this 2 years ago when i started to think more
    about photography and getting pictures that stand out, like such in my
    profile picture

  • Eloines

    Having a hard time finding tips and tuts for indoor car shows. Car expos
    are never outside here, it’s always inside some sort of arena with hideous
    little bright white LEDs spread across the ceiling. No way to get higher up
    either. Just a big concert type of hall with crowds.
    My biggest problem was not waiting, but having people bump into me while I
    was waiting because I’m just so small when I sit down to get a low shot.
    Also plastic bags being swung in my face and whatever else people might
    drop. Plastic cups. 

  • Orihe

    Great tips dude! Dont use a DSLR myself (gopro) but i can take on board
    some of the key points you mentioned, Cheers!

  • Sam Seelam

    nice tips almost like a workflow..thanks

  • Kevin

    I think dutch angles are overused in car photography. 

  • MyHotRodTV

    Great video and tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • Randall Saunders

    What lenses would you recommend?

  • jluuhalo1286

    Going to try your tips out on my car! Thank you for the tips been trying to
    take “good” car photos since I bought a DSLR! 

  • Brandon Palmer

    whats with all the dutch tilt on car pictures? do people think that looks

  • Kuruma Designs

    I don’t know about you guys, but having the car a little blurred at the
    rear looks good some times imo

  • Daniel Dmochowski

    i agree with all of those except using a narrow aperture for whole car
    shots. Shooing wide open just helps to keep the car from being lost in the
    background especially a busy background like a car show/meet. If anything
    use a tripod and stack the aperture, take a car shot at like f5.6 then
    another at 2.8 or lower and use the open aperture for the background. If
    your focus is also on the front of the car lets say an FMIC and that is
    your focal point and you are shooting 1.8 the fact the the back 1/4 of the
    car begins to get out of focus will just further bring the attention to the
    focal point.

  • Marcus_Mravik

    Thanks bro!

  • Q Cheung

    Thanks for the sharing !

  • Fredrik Häll

    You should even out the audio levels on your video. It’s extremely loud at
    the beginning and the end, and really quiet when you speak.

  • Samuel Markham

    what if I was at a car meet and it was dark what the best settings to use
    as I’ve just got a new canon 50d and just getting to know it and most of
    the meets around where I am are at night time ????

  • Stefan Puffer

    Thank you for the tips.

  • Jaimii Tapper

    Fantastic advice, thank you so much!! Do you have a Facebook page for your
    work? =)

  • HoesGone BeHoes

    Clicked because MR2.

  • Firth Laist

    Was great to hear that this Photographer spent 20mins waiting for that
    Family and Friends HATE going on walks with me …I can’t help myself
    stopping here and there, taking shoots …I forget myself, looking up to
    realise they’re way, way ….waaaaay ahead of me.
    I MUST learn to go out, WITHOUT other humans …HAHAHA!
    It also good to know I’m NOT wasting my time, that patience IS part of the
    skill building.

    Nice tips….

  • Joshua Thompson

    Have a cpl and move it

  • Robert Potter

    Its all about the location of the car for me, have taken loads of cars in
    shows but wanted them on the road, where they belong using the rule of
    thirds, thanks for the tips :)

  • Oliver S

    Great, simple, concise video. I’m a huge car nut but have only recently
    started to take my car photography more seriously so this was very helpful
    especially since most videos here on Youtube seem to focus too much on
    professional style car photography in a studio or with a ton of gear, not
    the typical car show or outdoor situations most car enthusiasts find
    themselves. This video on the other hand seems very helpful for the vast
    majority of amateur photographers who are simply car nerds, not the few
    that want to make a career out of photography.

  • PurpleJive

    Stonce? …OHHHHH you mean stance!

  • Mohamad Shah Ismail


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