DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY: Nikon D7200 Versus Nikon D5500

DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY: Nikon D7200 Versus Nikon D5500
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”tXwg7H5LTKE” title=”DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY: Nikon D7200 Versus Nikon D5500″ upload_time=”2016-05-01T22:57:24.000Z” description=”” duration=”PT19M51S”]
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16 comments to DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY: Nikon D7200 Versus Nikon D5500

  • raykrv6a

    I use a D7100, considered getting the D7200 but decided to wait. Now have
    D500 on order. D7200 is a fine camera.

  • Ken Hasard

    Do you still have your Panasonic FZ300? How does that compare to the D5500
    or the D7200? If you got the 7200 recently, I think the D500 would be a
    better choice for a crop sensor judging by the reviews I have seen.

  • Vicious Budz

    Awesome vid thanks for helping me choose my next camera

  • Richard Couchman

    The Nikon D7200 is my camera of choice. It copes with every situation and
    has a very capable sensor (higher resolution than the D500) and intuitive
    interface. The best value pound for pound in my opinion.

  • A.A. B.

    i hope the nikon d7300 will be like a lower d500 but with an d5500 like
    screen and weather sealed. (24 megapixels but the iso to be biger and
    expeed 5 to be in it with 4k 30fps and 1080p 120fps with 30 minutes 4k and
    60 minutes 1080p)

  • colt kwilkerson

    like your video, but i don’t get why you did not like the Nikon D750, I had
    the D750 and shot 40.000 photos very good camera. i had a D5300 and it is a
    good camera but just didn’t compare to the D750, i needed something that
    would be closer to my D750. the D7200 was the perfect choice, the control’s
    are almost the same, so when your doing a photo shoot it’s easy to move
    from one camera to the other.

  • Adetunji Oyewunmi

    One of the best real life D5500 V D7200 camera enthusiast reviews I have
    seen so far

  • Sandeep Patnaik

    u know ur very boreing person

  • ronny alba

    The size of the d5500 is fantastic for portability and the flip out screen
    is really nice.. If size is a problem just add a battery grip and and you
    will be saving about $300 vs D7200…. The D5500 is a great camera that
    will give you same image quality as D7200

  • NorthWolfe

    Hey, you are from Kitchener… I grew up in Kitchener/Galt/Cambridge.
    Great “real world” review which focuses on things which are important to
    “real people”. Any reason in particular for you to send back the D750? I’m
    pondering between the two (7200 or 750).

  • Irvin Barrientos

    Can i use auto focus on D7200 with AF lenses? i’ve read that 5500 cant
    support auto focus on AF lenses. thanks :)

  • Vincent Chen

    Kit lenses will yield about 9 or so MP in detail. A better prime will
    perform much better. Dual mode dials, in body Focus motor, and viewfinder
    are the big draws for the D7xxx camera. Don’t get hung up too much on the
    processor though. Marketing is bigger than the reality of actual processing
    performance most of the time. Buying great glass on a slightly older camera
    is better than buying a whole new body all the time.

  • Emma Ahmed

    You can set the function button on the d5500 to change ISO quickly, you can
    set it up to change focus points by touching the right side of the screen
    when it’s up to your face and touch screen can quickly change any
    settings.Get to know your camera before lusting after new equipment. Just

  • Axel Ferrari

    Piras pendejadas pon fotos y videos de las dos wey

  • Antreas Ioannou

    hello sir , nice review 🙂 I am a DSLR shooter for 8 month now but I got a
    job as nightclubs photographer and I also work with a friend who is a pro
    and shoots weddings. so I am getting paid for my work. I shoot a d3300 and
    I want an update.. what do you think ? d5500 or d7200 ?? or just buy a
    better lens ? cuz money is an issue :p

  • ow de

    Good tips! All about content, which you were very detailed.

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