Is Instagram The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Photography? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

Is Instagram The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Photography? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”nBw589H2XwI” title=”Is Instagram The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Photography? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios” upload_time=”2012-04-25T17:09:53.000Z” description=”With its ability to make boring cellphone photos look ‘vintage’ and ‘artsy’, Instagram has exploded worldwide. Derided by its detractors as a tool for making” duration=”PT3M19S”]
With its ability to make boring cellphone photos look “vintage” and “artsy”, Instagram has exploded worldwide. Derided by its detractors as a tool for making bad photos worse, we take an alternate view and argue that Instagram is the greatest thing to ever happen to photography. Its simple filters and social networking features are training cellphone photographers everywhere to think creatively about their photos. Plus, the app is turning its worldwide user base into an army of photojournalists capturing striking images of the people and events around them. As the old photography adage goes, “The best camera is the one you have with you.”

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31 comments to Is Instagram The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Photography? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

  • Sazzad Hossain

    That method did not work! EDIT: Nevermind, I finally got over3,596 active
    followersand all I did was use —> WWW.FOLLOWKINGZ.COM

  • Fer Galicia

    Saying that a professional camera makes a photographer is like saying the
    expensive pots make an executive chef.

  • Riley Lockett

    I only post memes and my art work

  • flippin pancakes

    Instagram is awesome

  • Will you meet me Emily Rudd?

    DanielLukeBarth is the best viral name.

  • OhWellWhatTheHell1

    je ne sais quoi?

  • evenios

    Honestly i think while some people frown on it. I think the general idea of
    making your pictures more interesting is not a bad thing. There is nothing
    wrong with encouraging people to try to make their photos look better.
    Even if people are not a pro at all i think many of the results from it has
    been pretty good. better then the average crap picture people usually take

  • larrytxeast

    Using a camera phone & calling yourself a photographer is like microwaving
    Chef Boyardee & calling yourself a chef.

  • Nicholas Leonard

    1 regular pokeball just caught a Xerneas 

  • Xtherocker21X

    i think the camera is the best thing to ever happen to photography lol

  • MrKool951

    Instagram has the potential spark someone’s interest in photography, sure.
    If the photographer is skilled, they can make good art as well with if. But
    I also think Instagram is saturating the world with “artists” that believe
    snapping anything and applying a filter makes it great.

  • Mikari Star

    I think it’s helps people develop an interest in photography.

  • Joshua Smith (Aeternalis)

    No. It’s full of white girls thinking their photographers because they can
    use filters… it’s just another social network.

  • Elizabeth Dill

    depends on who is taking the photo what the photo is and how it is seen…
    i don’t know why some of you think that the 400,000,000 users are all
    girls….. but ok! 

  • darthspeaks

    I’m in my 40s. When I see 20 somethings shitting up their photos with
    filters that make the photo appear to be taken more than 20 years ago, I
    find this offensive to the pictorial reminders of my childhood.
    Hipsters don’t know what it’s like to be without a cell phone, social media
    and anything that comes between you and other people.
    My childhood was beautiful because of this and I think deep down these
    hipsters feel they missed out on that.
    Not having something can be just as important as having everything, which
    is what hipsters have NOW.

  • nekoalysssama

    How much does a hipster weigh?
    An instagram!

  • TheNewbiedoodle


    Oh yeah! The “Why is there Vaseline all over my eyeballs” filter is the

  • Feras Mardawi

    Follow ME I will follow back @ferasmardawi First 10 I will like most of the

  • jquickri

    The first words to make me respect Instagram. Good job guys. 

  • Olecarnivorous

    What I found most interesting, is that I found people who DESPISE memes…
    I was shocked, I thought people would dislike sure, but, this seething
    hatred? WOW!

  • A_Lonely_Grape

    Well yeah I guess it is…Aside from say the camera… 

  • Skoofus

    You should redo this episode on how instagram has evolved. When this video
    was released I agreed with it, but now I find that instagram has degraded
    to more-so pictures of shoes and of people working out. Granted, there
    still are lots of great photos on instagram. However, I think the dynamic
    of how it works as a social photography art app has changed. I think the
    discussion has a lot more that could be said about it. I dunno, just a

  • Emil Chetty

    You speak a lot slower in these videos…. not sure which i prefer

  • David de Juan Navarro

    Or probably the worst thing happened to photography

  • Thomas A

    Of course the quality of a photographer is not link to its camera. Ancient
    photographers did photos which are still interesting. Some photographers do
    lomography. They use camera build by Lomo which are bad, soviet and plastic
    (including the lens). However those photoz (unsharp and with a lot of
    contrast) are interesting and some famous photographer are using these
    cameras in parallel of there expensive, precise, sharp and awesome camera.
    So, a photographer is not a good photographer if it as only good gear. It
    needs to work with it and experiment.

    Phone camera are often horrible but they do photos. The difference between
    a pro camera and a phone camera will be possibilities. It is possible to
    handle all the setting on a pro camera. On a phone camera, it is more
    difficult (some soft help to do it). To do a good pic, it is often required
    to be able to control those settings (not necessary in manual modes,
    automatic mods are good if you know how they work). With a phone camera it
    will be more difficult to have a picture which look like what you imagined
    before shooting.

    Here come Instagram. After shooting, the photo from your fancy or horrible
    camera needs more work (note: JPG format from camera are reworked by the
    camera just after shooting). Or you have a digital camera and the picture
    will required work on a computer, or you have a film camera and it will
    required work in a darkroom. Instagram will work on this part. From a good
    picture (good composition, nice light, etc) it possible to add a filter. So
    at first looking, people may think it is similar to post-processing on a
    computer. But no …
    Yes it is similar. Yes you can do good/great/awesome pictures with it. But
    for lot of poeple, it is just a fancy filter. They think : I put a filter,
    my pic is better. Unfortunately it is not everytime true. It is a lazy way
    to do post-processing (but again if you can do good pictures with it if you
    are able to imagine the picture with the filter before shooting. In this
    case, you understand how this filter will modify your picture). Another
    possibility is that people find interesting a photo just for its filter. It
    is like black and white. Some amatory photographer (like me) turn all their
    picture in black and white. They think, because it is like this, is more
    interesting. Often, the composition of this photos is not good and the
    black and white unnecessary.

    So with Instagram it is possible to do good pictures, but it is not a great
    tools. It is more a lazy tool. However, I agree to say that more people are
    able to do picture and see the process (from the shooting to the final
    product). Then, more people do an activity are more you can be and must be
    imaginative to do picture which are original/fancy.

    P.S : This beahaviour is similar to people which think : to do great
    picture : buy an expensive/high-tech camera with a big lens. Now phone
    builders/sellers play on it and say to people : 10Mega-pixels = you will do
    awesome pictures. I

  • JavierRey Katzenstein

    Ha ha ha, I love how much his arguments are nothing but one-sided

  • Ha vu Ngo

    where is this man from,guys?

  • kindoflame


    I do not think that Instagram has changed the future of photography. As I
    see it, the current trend in almost everything is quantity over quality. In
    the case of photography, that means ‘get many people decent cameras’ is
    preferred over ‘get some people great cameras’. I am not saying that this
    trend is bad; I am saying that Instagram is a product of, and reinforces,
    this trend.

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