John Free Goes Shooting ‘What A Joy Of Life’ Street Photography Tips

John Free Goes Shooting ‘What A Joy Of Life’ Street Photography Tips
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23 comments to John Free Goes Shooting ‘What A Joy Of Life’ Street Photography Tips

  • Steven Namyah

    John do you have any books for sale on street photography, ?

  • Rastaguy8

    Hello John, in an earlier video you talked about not liking the teachers at
    photography schools because they don’t show their pictures? How come you
    don’t show yours? Only constructive criticism, not trying to offend you.
    Love your passion and talks.

  • Studiokukila

    I am 29 years old and iam also shoot Nikon F3 the best filmcamera ever..
    Greetings from Finland!

  • RaveeCG Tutorials

    The most vivid person on earth! Great lessons!

  • Joseph Jagatic

    I have watched this over four times learning new things each time. some of
    the things you say and do, are hopefully have entering my self conscious?
    Always question, living the question. Keeps me trying. I hope you still

  • Corey Eacret

    Over time street photography has become my favorite, simply because how
    real it all can be. So much of what you talk about here I’ve had to learn
    the hard way. Even still I got so much out of this and your other videos, I
    wish I had found them sooner! Thank you so much for this and keep making
    them please!

  • Tony Walton

    Thats the top of the day. Great shots. Free has enthusiasm

  • quatie

    Why have you stopped making videos?

  • quatie

    I love Street Photography, I don’t like taking pictures of people who are
    posing, I went out for the first time last week round Leeds City Centre and
    got some good shots, got a few odd stares but hey that’s how it is.

    Any feedback would be great

  • Robert Jueng

    John, you`re an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and

  • Bruno Deserto

    Superb Video. Here in Brazil it could easily get you in trouble. Too bad. I
    have always wanted to try some street photography but I am afraid it won’t
    possible down here. Excellent video! Congratulations on your excellent

  • PrinceStudiosFX

    Incredible ! Thank you Mr Free.

  • Andy_Curtis28

    John! You need to do more videos like this! Absolutely brilliant

  • Johnny Rinsma

    So happy to find your channel. If you like to visit holland (Friesland) you
    can stay at our place! And I show you my lovely town and Amsterdam… sad
    to see that this last video you uploaded was a year ago, why? Best Johnny

  • Alejandro Ramos

    This gentleman is a genius… his humbleness proves it.

  • Davide Bon

    “What are you doing right now?”
    “Thinking about doing something positive”
    Such beautiful words. Everyone should be like him

  • Andy_Curtis28

    John, you are so inspirational. I am such a lazy ass, but watching your
    videos makes me get up and go out. And over the last 3 days I have been out
    on the streets shooting. And, I have been making it difficult for myself.
    Taking making much fewer images. But the ones I do make are better! I love
    watching videos of you out on the streets. Sadly, I have watched them all,
    several times. I would love it if you did more :)

  • Joshua Lee

    More videos, please! I watch at least one of these videos every couple of
    days. John inspires me every day, and I break down his words to get a
    better understanding to help me grow as a photographer. Thank you, John. I
    live by these words: God, love, and photography.

    Your Friend,
    Joshua Lee

  • Roman Castro Vlog

    Excellent video. Makes me want to go on a Street Photo session. Thank you
    for doing this.

  • D3R13N

    Everything is great but why the cameraman is framing like that? It’s so

  • Darren Davenport

    the pink car at the begining looked too suspicious…. hmmmmm

  • Jose Farrugia

    Awesome tips John! I live in bustling London so your tips are a great help.
    Having a smile and engaging in conversation with subjects is definitely a
    help in softening the whole experience. How do you go about diffusing a
    situation when a street photographer is confronted or given the bird?

  • Jim Jarvis

    Thankyou for your wonderfull insite. I am very new to street photography
    and living in a small city( Winnipeg, manitoba , Canada) find it difficult
    to find interesting subjects. Any suggestions would be appreaciated.

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