Professional Photography Tips | Camera Gear

Professional Photography Tips | Camera Gear
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17 comments to Professional Photography Tips | Camera Gear

  • Rachel Miller

    What are your top lenses?

  • Knoway

    Haha yes being a gear addict is a problem! Great video!

  • Jessica Campbell

    Oh lord that gear tho :’)

  • Lauren M.

    I couldn’t agree more! This industry makes you think you need so much gear
    to get started! Every article & blog I’ve read says for shooting your first
    wedding you need this this this this and definitely this. Thousands of
    dollars worth of equipment. My first wedding went so well. I was nervous
    about so many things because of the blogs but I was fine with my …uh
    modest let’s say, equipment to say the least. People are always asking me
    what equipment I use so I take that as a sign that I’m doing something
    right. I practice EVERY single day. Not getting ahead of yourself is hard,
    but it’s worth it in the end. Save your money from all those little jobs.

  • colette francis

    Hi i want to buy a camera but not so sure what to buy. Can u help me? I
    want to start photography classes soon

  • colette francis

    Hi i want to buy a camera but not so sure what to buy. Can u help me? I
    want to start photography classes soon

  • mrisaiahmiller

    Great talk! Also great set up, lighting and audio for this video!

  • Ed Geo

    Hi, what kind of video camera are you using for the YouTube video

  • Jon Gabriel

    I’ve a Rebel t3i camera, just started doing some professional work, yeah,
    not the best camera, but I’m doing work left and right. All I care is to
    learn about light, flash, LR, I use and understand manual, etc. I only care
    about keep building skills, when the money start pilling up I will buy some
    nice full lens sensor camera…. till then, keep having fun, making money
    and learning tons! Thank you and thanks youtube. 

  • ibar_rider

    Fantastic video!!


    suggest me a good camera under $500
    Note: i’m beginner, i want to learn myself step by step by watching youtube
    and online videos
    thanks in advns..

  • Markdean Masanque

    My goodness! Me too! And I think that I love gears more than taking photos.
    Funny. I love EOS. Their design and principles I just love.

  • PC-Addicts

    Well-said. I agree about the comments with the “It’s ‘you'” comments as
    well as the “light” comments.

  • TalesOfWar

    Totally agree, though there are some reasons to go for the good stuff even
    in the beginning IF you know you’re going to stick with it (or have the
    disposable income for it). A good lens will last you years, almost always
    the lifespan of multiple bodies. Something you don’t want to cheap out on
    though is a tripod. Don’t get a monstrously expensive doodad of course, but
    don’t get a cheapo one either that will fall over if you look at it wrong
    haha. Get one rated to hold your camera and a good heavy lens and flash and
    you should be good to go. Anything by Manfrotto in pretty much any price
    point is great for the money. You get what you pay for with their stuff.
    The last thing you want is for your $20 tripod to come crashing down and
    your $1000 worth of camera and lens and flash go with it. Hell, even if
    it’s just $400 worth, it’s something you could have avoided by getting a
    slightly better tripod to begin with.

    Oh, invest in lighting, that can be super cheap but is going to make the
    biggest difference! An amazing $3000 lens will still look like pure ass if
    it’s poorly lit. Some cheapo flashguns from the likes of Yongnuo are
    absolutely amazing. For the price of a single Canon or Nikon equivalent you
    can buy literally 4-5 of them and some triggers. I’d almost say getting an
    off camera flash is the most important first purchase after your camera
    (assuming it comes as a bundle with a lens, you may want a lens first if
    you don’t have one haha).


    I’m looking for old gears for free…plz inbox me

  • MrMonikerjay

    My first engagement was last week and what did I go buy…the 50mm 1.8 stm.
    Because I was comfortable with the older 50 1.8 but I wanted the upgrade to
    that lens. Yes, some shots were a little out of focus, but what I got was
    amazing. Especially shooting at the golden hour right before sundown. The
    clients loved the shots and I was really impressed. I’m gradually getting
    better lenses but I shoot on a t3i with a 50mm. Next lens I’m getting is
    the 35mm f/2 because those lenses are just so expensive. And so are the
    bodies. 3K for a camera body is just ridiculous to me. Your gear has to be
    decent, but it’s the way you shoot and edit that makes the biggest

  • joycelyn barrera

    Should I upgrade my Kodak zi8

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